Thursday, October 16, 2008

depdagri Flat-panel TVs: plasma, LCD, and how they compare bag 1

Flat-panel TVs: plasma, LCD, and how they compare Part2
icture quality varies greatly between different makes and models of plasma TVs, so be sure to read reviews before you plunk down your cash. The best plasmas produce top-notch image quality, with deep black levels, excellent color, wide viewing angles, and better motion resolution than similar LCDs, making them subject to less blurring during fast movement. On the flip side, many people don't notice LCDs' blurring, so it's not as big of a difference-maker as many marketing campaigns would have you believe.
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Although 1080p native resolution is common among plasmas and LCDs, the latter often have higher native resolution than plasma TVs at similar screen sizes. In the real world, however, the difference just isn't that noticeable.

One distinct advantage LCD has over plasma is in the arena of power consumption. Per square inch of screen, plasmas almost always use more power than LCDs to produce the same picture brightness. Check out our TV power consumption guide for more details.
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